Albanian Migrants UK:

Albanian Migrants moving to the UK, but why?

Albanian Migrants moving to the UK on small boats. For the past 2-3 years, Albanians are moving to the UK on boats, but their numbers are increasing every passing year.

In 2020, 50 individuals came on small boats.

in 2021, 800 came

In 2022, 12000 came to the UK.

The reason for leaving Albania is due to the Criminal gangs gaining a position in the North of France.

Albanian single men around 10000 came to the UK, representing 1% of the population of Albania.

Albanians came on Asylum:

53% of applications for Asylum were approved in which most women and children existed.

Some Albanians came to the UK illegally without asylum and got work and return to their home country

Albanians who were sent back by the UK government:

This year 440 single adult men were sent to their home country.

More than 1000 illegal came Albanians are sent back to their home country, according to the agreement signed in 2021.

Reason Albanians leave Albania:

After the collapse of the dictatorship government, adults are leaving the country.

The main reason for leaving their country is unemployment, corruption, low income, and low life quality.

Albania has also applied for EU membership, according to EU membership, Albanians can visit European countries as a tourist for a maximum of 90 to 180 days, but they will not be eligible to work or study there.

What Albanian Criminal Gangs are doing:

According to National Crime Agency (NCA), Albanian criminal gangs have a major role in importing cannabis to the UK, they are leading the UK cocaine market of 5billion£.

A cocaine smuggler from Albania was caught in smuggling worth 60million£ in 2017.

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