Can You Sue a Doctor for Wrong Diagnosis?

Absolutely yes, you can sue your doctor if he gets your diagnosis, treatment, or surgery wrong, it’s your legal right to sue your doctor so he cannot risk other people’s lives anymore.

If something goes wrong with their personal life and resulted in death, then a doctor in this situation the doctor is held responsible for the loss because it might be probability that he mishandled the patient on purpose and the law can hold him accountable as a criminal.

can you sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis

Did health providers not try their best to not make things wrong with the patient?

The answer is almost no, majority of the health providers tried their best to make sure that there will be no mishandling of the patient’s life, As we know that humans can make mistakes and a doctor is also a human being and can make mistakes, but patient life is valuable that anything and in rare cases if doctor mishandled the patient diagnosis and treatment then the patient has right to sue the doctor and made him accountable according to the law.

What is meant by misdiagnosis?

Misdiagnosis happens when the patient is suffering from some other problem and the doctor diagnosed it wrong and relates that problem with the other body organ or sometimes they took the serious case light which should be treated in time and can save a person’s life, but only the lightly took of a doctor can make the patient case worse and waste his time and money also in which he could treat his disease if it was taken seriously.

can you sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis

An Example Of Misdiagnosis

A random example of this is which is mostly seen in hospitals if some patient is suffering from a heart problem and has a complaint of chest pain and the doctor took it lightly as indigestion and give medicines of it to the patient and after some days the patient sudden got a heart attack and got vulnerable to death then in this case who should be responsible? Of course, doctors assume that chest pain was due to the gases inside the body. If that doctor suggests that the patient do tests like (ECG) it would give you the signal of the heart problem and the patient could treat it in time and save his life.

How are Lab And Pharmacies also responsible for misdiagnosis?

Many times misdiagnoses occur in medical labs and pharmacies, a single error from lab equipment and clinical laboratory scientist can cost a patient’s life and many times laboratory scientist shuffle reports of patients which can make patients suffer mentally as well as physically.

Example of Clinical Laboratory Misdiagnosis:

The doctor told the patient to do Blood (CBC) and in the lab report and he got Hepatitis (positive) in the report but didn’t have any symptoms of it nor he had it in actuality, due to some error in Laboratory Equipment and Lab Scientist patient is considered to have Hepatitis and he goes to the doctor and start treatment of it by using antibiotics without any sign of Hepatitis in his body which could have side effects also and cause problems with his other body organs, this is just a small example of Laboratory Misdiagnosis, there are many other examples of Laboratory Misdiagnosis which can cost people lives.

How Pharma Industries are also gambled with people’s lives:

Pharma Industry is a high moneymaking industry earning billions of dollars worldwide.

Moving to the main point of today’s article and will discuss the above line some other day,

The giants who make medicine even don’t bother to mention the side effects of medicines 

And doctors also don’t know what are the side effects of the medicine they gave to the patient just to relieve his illness without knowing what will be its long-term side effects, In some cases, the doctors are also involved with those medicine manufacturers to get his share from them, Considering all these issues if your loses your loved one then you should have the legal right to sue them all.

How you should cooperate with your legal adviser in case of sue against the doctor?

When your health is going to be worse every passing day, even after treatment, then you should visit the emergency and follow their instructions, but if no improvement then you should obey a legal adviser and give them proof of your health to make sure that you are not making fake sue on the doctor, also an attorney is responsible for the loss you bear that particular health issue they will not responsible for your other health issues.

How to save yourself from Misdiagnosis?

– Ask your doctor if you don’t have any improvement in your health so he can consider other    issues as well and suggest you to do a lab test

– If still the problem persists then ask your doctor to recommend a specialized doctor 

– You can ask for alternative ways to the treatment to the doctor.

– Ask your doctor about the possible side effects of medicines.

How To Sue The Doctor?

You should consult the Medical Malpractice Lawyer and give him your case history, he will testify either you are really victim or not, if you are a real victim then he will try to get your financial expenses back..

The process to start the medical malpractice case:

There is multiple processes to initiate medical malpractice case through which you can recover your expenses.

can you sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis

Medical Liability Through Civil Route:

If the suer won the case against the doctor then he will get financial backup which he bears throughout the misdiagnosis, if there is no evidence found in the favor of suer then he will bear medical malpractice case expenses.

can you sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis

Medical Liability Through Criminal Route:

If your loved one is mistreated by the medical team or doctor and the consequences will be in the form of death or serious injury, then your preferable process is to utilize the criminal route and the doctor is held accountable as he intentionally mistreated the patient, from this method you can save further trials and win your case in less time also you can get your expenses back.

can you sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis

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