Eddie Hall Beard:

Eddie Hall shaved his beard off following Conor McGregor:

Eddie Hall is known for his muscular personality with his iconic beard, but he shaved his beard this year due to the Movember movement, and people are confused to recognize him as having the same personality.

Eddie Hall was World’s Strongest Man at his time shave his beard for the Movember Movement to support men’s health awareness.

He posted his unrecognizable picture on his Instagram, he initiated his beard shave with different styles, first he shoves his beard while keeping his mustache on with the handlebar, then he completely cleans his beard shaving his mustache also and making him a totally different face for people to recognize.

His rival Hafthor Bjornsson also said he will brave the shave this month, people around the world came to support Movember every year.

Reason for Eddie Hall to participate in Movember:

He stated on his Twitter: “Donate to help me raise much-needed funds for men’s health this Movember – for all the dads, brothers, sons, and mates in our lives. Stop men from dying too young. Big Love, The Beast.”

The Movember movement is to raise awareness of men’s health issues such as testicular cancer and prostate cancer.

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