First Lady Jill Biden Attends Eagles-49ers Game, Sparks Social Media Frenzy

First Lady Jill Biden at Lincoln Financial Field

Jill Biden, the First Lady of the US, is seen walking along the sideline before the Philly Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys game at Lincoln Financial Field on Oct 16, 2022 in Philadelphia, PA. Note: a video from this game has been reused and falsely presented as new. (Credit: TIM NWACHUKWU/GETTY IMAGES)

First Lady Jill Biden appeared at the Lincoln Financial Field on January 29 to cheer on her hometown team, the Philadelphia Eagles, as they beat the San Francisco 49ers to secure their spot in the Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs. Jill Biden, who grew up in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, was shown in a tweet sitting with her grandson Robert Hunter Jill Biden and wearing a black Eagles t-shirt.

Resurfaced video of hostile reception

However, a video that has resurfaced online appears to show a hostile reception to the first lady at an Eagles game. The video, which has been viewed more than 35,000 times, shows Jill Biden appearing on the field singing “Fly Eagles Fly,” which is being drowned out by booing.

Misleading video

It is important to note that the video is over three months old and was found to be misleading when it was first published. According to official footage, Biden did not appear on the field in the recent game, but instead was shown sitting in a box alongside NFC commissioner Roger Goodell.

First Lady Biden’s appearance at Eagles game against Dallas Cowboys

The video is a carbon copy of one that surfaced on October 17, of Biden attending an Eagles game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Cancer Moonshot initiative

At that game, Jill Biden participated in a rendition of “Fly Eagles Fly” as part of the Biden administration’s Cancer Moonshot initiative, which aims to reduce cancer deaths by at least 50 percent over the next 25 years.

Conservative media reaction

The video received a reaction on social media and in conservative media, but it is unclear how widespread the disdain was.

Fact-checking by Snopes

Dan Evon, a former writer at fact-checking website Snopes, noted that the part of the clip in which the booing seems to be louder than Biden singing on the field appears to be edited.

NFL confirmation of unedited audio and video

The NFL tweeted the original footage, in which the music and singing is the dominant sound and no booing can be heard. Brian McCarthy, Vice President of Communications for the NFL, later confirmed that the official NFL post featured unedited audio and video.

Overstated extent of booing

It appears that the footage taken from the stands may have overstated the extent of the booing, as it was those close to Biden that were the locus of the discontent. While it cannot be ruled out that Biden was booed by some individuals in the crowd, there is no evidence to suggest it was to the extent portrayed in the video.

Philadelphia Eagles vs San Francisco 49ers

The Philadelphia Eagles, led by MVP candidate Jalen Hurts and head coach Nick Sirianni, are favored to win against the 49ers, who have been on a seven-game winning streak.

Super Bowl LVII schedule and location

The winner of the NFC Championship game will play the winner of the Cincinnati Bengals-Kansas City Chiefs AFC Championship game in Super Bowl LVII, scheduled for February 12 in Glendale, Arizona.

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