#1 Jabari Smith’s Remarkable Encounter with LeBron James: ‘I Played Against Your Dad’

Jabari Smith’s Interaction with LeBron James

Jabari Smith, Houston Rockets forward, had an interesting interaction with Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James during pregame of their game against each other on Monday. Smith made James feel old by sharing an amazing NBA moment.

“Hey, you played against my dad your first NBA game ever,” Smith said, the No. 3 pick in the 2022 draft. James responded, “Really?” Smith: “Sacramento.” James: “Why you do that to me?” Smith: “You feel old don’t you.” James, who played for the Miami Heat from 2010-14, did indeed play against Jabari Smith Sr., in the first game of his NBA career against the Sacramento Kings in 2003.

LeBron James’ Longevity and Greatness

The longevity is just another part of James’ greatness that has him in discussion as the league’s greatest player. The best part is James, even at 38, has shown no signs of slowing down. So we get to witness his greatness for at least a few more years. Jabari Smith and the Houston Rockets took on the Los Angeles Lakers, which led to a special moment for him and LeBron James.

Smith’s Father’s Short-lived NBA Career

James has been in the league for quite a while but happened to take on Smith’s dad in his first career NBA game. Smith made James aware of this, and James responded, “why you do that to me” Smith responded, “you feel old, don’t you.” This had to be a cool moment for Smith, as James is widely considered the best basketball player of all time. After the Lakers defeated the Rockets 140-132, Smith’s father shared a moment with James, which capped off an entertaining evening.

Smith had 14 points, four rebounds, and four assists in the loss, while James dropped a whopping 48 points. An occurrence like this is so interesting for Auburn fans as it isn’t something you would have expected to hear about previous to the resurgence of the program under Coach Bruce Pearl. This was a really heartwarming event to be able to watch as Smith got to share a special moment with one of the players he grew up watching when his NBA dreams were born.

James and Smith’s Father’s Interaction

Let’s take a look at the moment shared between Smith and James, as well as the interaction between James and Smith’s father. Let’s find out who Jabari Smith’s dad is after the Houston rookie shared an amusing exchange with LeBron James recently.

Jabari Smith Jr’s Performance in the Game

Jabari Smith Jr was one of the top prospects in the 2022 NBA Draft, and was ultimately selected third overall by the Houston Rockets. On Monday 16 January 2023, Jabari came up against LeBron James for the very first time on an NBA court. The Lakers were able to come away with the win, with LeBron James scoring a season-high 48 points with five threes, eight rebounds and nine assists.

However, the game will mostly be remembered for an exchange between Jabari Smith Jr and James. At one point, Jabari Smith revealed that James actually played against his dad, Smith Sr, in LeBron’s first ever NBA game. It was LeBron’s first game for the Cleveland Cavaliers and came against the Sacramento Kings in 2003. Jabari said, “You played against my dad in your first NBA game ever.”

“Really? Why you do that to me?” James jokingly responded. Jabari replied: “You feel old, don’t you?” After the game, LeBron told reporters it made him feel “old as c***”. However, as some fans have pointed out, Jabari Smith Jr’s dad didn’t technically play in that game.

Jabari Smith Sr’s College and Professional Career

To NBA fans of a certain vintage, Jabari Smith’s name will be familiar. That’s because Jabari Smith’s dad, Jabari Smith Sr, played in the NBA for four seasons. The elder Smith played college basketball at Louisiana State University, before being selected by the Sacramento Kings in the second round of the 2000 NBA draft.

Smith Sr was a 6ft 11in center and for his size, was an excellent shooter who could score from virtually anywhere near the basket. The elder Smith played four years between 2000-2005 and played for the Kings, the Philadelphia 76ers, and the New Jersey Nets.

Smith’s Honor of Sharing a Moment with LeBron James

Jabari Smith Sr had a relatively short NBA career, but it was still a great honor for his son to be able to share a moment with one of the all-time greats in LeBron James. Even though the elder Smith didn’t technically play in James’ first game, the fact that Jabari Jr was able to share that moment with James and make him feel old, is a testament to the legacy and impact of Jabari Smith Sr’s career.

In conclusion, the exchange between Jabari Smith Jr and LeBron James was a heartwarming moment that brought back memories of Jabari Smith Sr’s NBA career. It also showed us that even though James has been in the league for a long time, he is still able to connect with the younger players and share special moments with them. As a basketball fan, it’s always exciting to see these types of interactions between players, and it’s a reminder of the impact and legacy that a player like Jabari Smith Sr has left on the game of basketball.

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