Knicks Struggle with Closing Out Games in 117-114 Win Over Spurs

The New York Knicks’ struggles to close out games

The New York Knicks may have won on Wednesday night, but their ability to close out games has been a cause for concern. The team has struggled with late-game situations, having blown several leads this season. One issue is their free-throw shooting, as they have ranked 25th in the league in fourth-quarter free throw percentage, shooting just 75.6%.

The intense minute totals for the starters may also be a factor, as the team has struggled offensively in the fourth quarter, ranking 28th in scoring, 28th in field goal percentage, 29th in three-point field goal percentage, and 16th in plus/minus. Another issue is their reliance on isolation sets, with Julius Randle leading the league in isolation plays, but only being 51st percentile in efficiency out of isolation. The Knicks will need to address these issues if they hope to close out games more effectively.

The New York Knicks’ struggles to close out games have been a major concern this season. From missed free throws to a reliance on isolation sets, it seems that the team has struggled to find a winning formula in the final minutes of games. While Julius Randle has had a standout season, his tendency to dominate the offense in isolation sets has not always been effective.

In order to turn their late-game struggles around, the Knicks may need to consider staggering their rotations and utilizing their bench earlier in the game to give their starters a much-needed rest. Additionally, they may need to diversify their offensive strategy and rely less on isolation sets in order to find success in the final minutes. Only time will tell if the Knicks are able to overcome these challenges and close out games more effectively in the future.

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