#1 Liz Truss’ Dynamic Comeback: Unleashing the Potential of a Political Titan

Former Prime Minister returns to the spotlight with a Sunday newspaper article

Liz Truss, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is reportedly planning a comeback in politics. This comes after several MPs have joined a WhatsApp group used to support her leadership. Liz Truss is known for her disastrous mini-budget and her policies which led to economic turmoil. Despite this, Truss appears determined to keep the low-taxation flame alive ahead of the budget in March, according to Politico.

Brief stint as PM, lasting only 49 days

Truss resigned as PM after just 49 days in office, making her the shortest-serving PM in the UK’s history. However, she has remained relatively quiet until now and is said to be “on manoeuvres with fellow like-minded MPs.” A source close to Liz Truss has said that she has taken some time to gather her thoughts and is now ready to speak about her time in office and the current state of play.

Reactions to Truss’s Comeback

Truss’s return to politics comes at a time when Rishi Sunak, the current Prime Minister, is already under pressure from Boris Johnson, who criticised the government’s refusal to send fighter jets to Ukraine during a visit to America this week. Truss is expected to make her first major intervention in the UK’s politics on Sunday through an article she has written for a Conservative-backing Sunday newspaper. The article is said to reflect on her time in Number 10 and to set out her views on where she believes Rishi Sunak is going wrong.

It is also understood that Truss will add her voice to growing Tory calls for Jeremy Hunt to cut taxes in the forthcoming Budget, despite the economic chaos caused by this policy during her time as PM. Sunak and his chancellor have both insisted that the government must first bring down inflation and get debt under control before taxes can come down.

The Future of British Politics

However, Truss’s return to politics has not been met with excitement from everyone. Emily Maitlis, a senior Conservative, has said that she suspects the only people shouting “come back” will be wearing white coats. Labour shadow cabinet minister Karl Turner has also commented on Truss’s rumoured return, tweeting: “Tories are so desperate they are apparently calling on Liz Truss to come back? How many months ago was it that ‘kamikwasi’ Kwasi Kwarteng crashed the economy. Interest rates went up again today btw.”

In conclusion, despite the criticism, it appears that Liz Truss is planning a comeback in UK politics. Her return will be watched closely by many, especially considering her previous policies that led to economic turmoil. Whether she will be able to re-establish herself as a credible political figure remains to be seen.

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