#1 Solving the Mystery of ‘Lockwood and Co’: A Review of Netflix’s New Ghost-Hunting Series, Combining Sherlock and Stranger Things

Overview of the new Netflix series “Lockwood and Co.”

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Netflix has released a new action-packed detective thriller series called Lockwood and Co. The show stars Ruby Stokes, Cameron Chapman and Ali Hadji-Heshmati as Lucy Carlyle, Anthony Lockwood and George Karim, the members of the titular agency, who make it their mission to fight ghosts. In their world, ghosts roam the streets of London every night and can kill people with just one touch or even turn them into shadows of their former selves by placing them in a mysterious coma.

Based on the book series

The series is based on a popular book series by author Jonathan Stroud. The show is created by Joe Cornish and his writing team. The Lockwood and Co has received positive reviews and has a lot of potential for a second season. However, Netflix will not announce a decision on a second season for some time. But Cornish said he and his writing team are already prepared for that possibility.

Cornish said, “We do. We are interested in honoring the books, and the books do really brilliant things for the characters. You know, Jonathan confesses that he was sort of finding this world as he wrote, and really he gets more and more confident [and] sort of expands the world as the books go on, and he discovers by himself all these new twists and corners and characters. So we will follow the path that he has already forged.”

Unanswered Questions from Season 1

The first season of Lockwood & Co. has eight episodes, which not only introduce the show’s world but also show Lucy, Anthony and George finding their feet in the agency. However, there are a number of things that viewers will be wondering about when the credits roll on the final episode. The Lockwood and Co ends with a number of unanswered questions, which is a good sign that the Lockwood and Co will be continued.

Potential for a Second Season

  1. What Is ‘The Problem’ and How Did It Start? “The Problem” is the event that caused the arrival of ghosts, known as the Visitors, in the world of Lockwood & Co. By the time the show starts, that event has taken place decades before, and it’s not clear exactly how or why it started. Penelope Fittes (Morven Christie) plays a grandmother who was the first person to discover The Problem. But what if she was actually the cause of it? A second season would likely reveal the truth.
  2. Are the Visitors a Natural Phenomenon? Along the same lines, another question is why the Visitors are suddenly haunting London in droves. Lucy proves that one can have a connection with a ghost that will help it not be so violent. But for the most part, the Visitors are hostile. Did the Visitors arrive of their own accord or did something happen to suddenly prompt them to appear?
  3. Who Is the Golden Blade? Luke Treadaway stars in the Lockwood and Co as the Golden Blade, a villain who thwarts Lucy and Anthony on multiple occasions during their quest to retrieve an artifact known as the Bone Glass. The character remains largely a mystery, thanks to the fact that he never reveals his name, and his motivations are as yet unclear. He even played a part in Anthony’s parents’ death, so it seems. But how and why?
  4. What Does Penelope Fittes Want? It is revealed in the Season 1 finale that the Golden Blade works for Penelope, so she is not the heroine that everyone makes her out to be. The character will likely play an important part in a second season, should the Lockwood and Co be renewed, and it’ll be interesting to see how it explains why she has been drawn to the dark side.
  5. What Happened to Anthony Lockwood’s Parents? In the final moments of the first season, Anthony tells Lucy and George that there should be no more secrets between them, so he will start by telling them the truth about his parents’ death. The truth, it seems, lies behind the locked door in his family home, and the Lockwood and Co ends with him opening that door. Stroud’s third book in the series, The Hollow Boy, teases that he reveals some of his family secrets. Judging by Cornish’s comments to Newsweek, it is likely that a second season would reveal all. However, it is still unknown what exactly happened to Anthony’s parents and how their death is connected to the Golden Blade and Penelope Fittes. It is likely that a second season will dive deeper into this mystery and provide more answers for viewers.

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