#1 Inside Mark Stanley’s Transformation into Nasty Character on Happy Valley

Happy Valley Star Mark Stanley Discusses Sally Wainwright, Improvisation, and His Character on Sunday Brunch

Mark Stanley’s Appearance on Sunday Brunch

Mark Stanley appeared on Sunday Brunch, hosted by Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer (Image: Channel 4)

Mark Stanley, the star of the popular BBC drama Happy Valley, made an appearance on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch to discuss his role in the show and his admiration for its creator Sally Wainwright. The show, which stars Sarah Lancashire as Catherine Cawood, is a crime drama that takes place in a small town in Yorkshire and has been a hit with audiences since its first season.

When asked about rumours that Sally Wainwright does not allow her actors to improvise, Mark Stanley said: “It depends, if it’s justified then it’s all up for conversation but you don’t need to. Her stuff’s there, it’s on the page.” Mark went on to praise Sally for her writing, calling her a master at weaving northern humour and irony into the drama.

Mark also talked about his character Rob Hepworth, who is abusive to his wife and has control issues. He said: “He is someone who definitely struggles with control issues.” Rob’s daughter’s jacket has become a topic of discussion amongst fans, who are curious about its significance to the character.

Mark Stanley’s Relationship with Rochenda Sandall

In addition to discussing the show, Mark also talked about his girlfriend Rochenda Sandall, who is also an actress. Rochenda is best known for her role in Line of Duty, and she and Mark have worked together on several other projects, including Criminal and Love, Lies, and Records. Mark and Rochenda have been dating for 13 years and live together in North London.

Overall, Mark Stanley’s interview on Sunday Brunch provided some insight into the world of Happy Valley and the mind of its creator Sally Wainwright. Fans of the show can catch it tonight on BBC One at 9pm and can continue to speculate about the fate of Catherine and the rest of the characters.

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