#1 Man Utd Confronts Critical Crossroads: Mason Greenwood Exonerated of Devastating Rape Accusations


Mason Greenwood, the young Manchester United footballer, has recently had the charges of attempted rape and assault dropped against him by the Crown Prosecution Service. The 21-year-old was arrested in January 2022 and later charged with attempted rape, controlling and coercive behavior, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. However, the charges were dropped after key witnesses withdrew their involvement and new material came to light.

Background of Mason Greenwood’s arrest and charges

Greenwood has expressed his relief at the outcome and thanked his family and friends for their support. However, the future of his career at Manchester United remains uncertain as the club is now conducting its own process before determining next steps.

Decision by Crown Prosecution Service to drop charges

Over a Year Without Play: Greenwood’s Absence from Manchester United (Image: PA)

The club has noted the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service but has declined to make any further comment until its process is complete.

The young forward, considered one of the most talented young footballers at Manchester United, has not played for the first-team since January 2022. His return to the club and the first-team squad may have mixed feelings as there is no guarantee that he will be welcomed back despite being contracted until 2025.

Manchester United’s response and internal process

The club’s statement regarding his future has been cautious, stating that it will conduct its own process before determining next steps.

The question of Mason Greenwood’s future at Manchester United is a complex one, with both a moral and a commercial dimension to consider. The club must weigh up its values, how it wishes to be perceived as an institution, and its commercial imperatives. The club’s manager, Erik ten Hag, will also have a role to play in this decision but it is unlikely to be solely his call.

Future of Greenwood’s career at the club

There is no doubt about Greenwood’s talent as a footballer, and he could potentially be a fixture for Manchester United for the next decade or more. However, his recent charges and the outcome of the case may impact his future at the club. If he is retained, he may face constant chants from opposition fans, while if he is discarded by his boyhood club, the same may happen wherever he ends up playing in Britain. This could lead to him exploring a move overseas.


In conclusion, the case of Mason Greenwood highlights the complex challenges that can arise in the world of professional football. The club must make a difficult decision, weighing up the moral and commercial implications of his future at the club. The outcome will be watched closely by both fans and the media, as the story of Mason Greenwood’s future continues to unfold.

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