#1 Zellers restaurant food truck: Reliving the nostalgia on wheels

Introduction of Zellers restaurant food truck

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Zellers restaurant food truck, Hudson’s Bay Co. (HBC) announced on Friday that they will be launching a fleet of food trucks as part of the relaunch of the Canadian retail chain, Zellers. The trucks will serve up some of the fan favorites from the original Zellers Family Restaurant. The company stated in a press release, “Zellers is mobilizing a fleet of food trucks to greet customers at its first locations opening this spring. And while Zellers is tuning the engines and pumping the tires, Canadians have been tasked with building the menu.”

Building the menu for Zellers restaurant food truck

The iconic Canadian retailer had previously stated that it would be nearly impossible to open a sit-down diner inside The Bay locations, hence the decision to roll out food trucks instead. The company has also launched a survey on their Zellers Instagram page, asking Canadians to vote on 10 menu items, with the top five dishes making it to the final menu on the food trucks. The dishes up for voting include the Big Z burger, fries and gravy, hot chicken sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich, onion rings, quesadilla, poutine, hot dog and chicken fingers. The company has also added a veggie burger to the voting list “for good measure.”

Zellers restaurant food truck tour across Canada

A nostalgic look back at the Zellers diner of the past – photo by HBC Corporate Collection

Photo: Zellers

The 25 new Zellers locations across Canada will take up space inside existing HBC department stores. The company is also launching an e-commerce site, serving customers who might be too far from the in-store shops. The press release stated, “Following the initial stops at the store locations – and if customers embrace the comeback – the Zellers Diner on wheels will gear up to head out for its cross-Canada debut. Tour dates and locations will be shared at a later date.”

Mixed reactions to the return of Zellers restaurant food truck restaurant food truck restaurant

The return of Zellers has been met with mixed reactions, with experts divided on whether the pop-up will revive the brand. HBC has remained tight-lipped on its motivations for bringing back Zellers, but the revival could be a play to boost revenues. The 352-year-old company has spent the past decade trying to cope with a shifting retail environment. In March 2020, HBC’s owners took the company private so it could change direction without having to answer to shareholders amid declining sales. To shore up sales, HBC has added a number of individual brands to its stores, such as Forever 21, Mango and Mountain Equipment Co. Ltd.

Utilizing nostalgia to drive sales for Zellers restaurant food truck

The nostalgia and memories associated with the Zellers Family Restaurant is something that many Canadians hold dear, and the decision to bring back the food trucks is a clever move by the company to tap into that nostalgia and create a sense of familiarity among customers. The company is giving Canadians a chance to vote on their favorite dishes, which is a great way to involve customers in the relaunch and create a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Conclusion of Zellers restaurant food truck

The return of Zellers is set to happen this spring, and it will be interesting to see how the food trucks are received by Canadians. The company has stated that tour dates and locations will be shared at a later date, and it will be exciting to see the Zellers Diner on wheels make its cross-Canada debut. With the uncertainty of the retail industry, it remains to be seen if the comeback of Zellers will be successful. However, the company’s decision to tap into nostalgia and involve customers in the relaunch process is a smart move that could potentially drive sales and boost revenue.

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