#1 Robson Green Triumphantly Conquers Alcohol Addiction with Help from Mother’s Support

Rise to Fame and the Dark Side of Success

Robson Green is an actor who rose to fame in the early 90s with his role in the popular ITV series, Soldier Soldier. However, fame came at a cost for Green as he found himself spiraling into addiction and losing touch with what truly mattered in life. In a candid chat with a close friend, Green revealed that his fame led him to a “very dark place” of drinking, drugs, and failed relationships. He realized that he was not truly happy, despite the trappings of success.

Finding Help and a New Passion: Fishing in Disguise

It was a conversation with his father, who simply asked “are you happy?” that led Robson Green to seek help. He began seeing a therapist and, through their sessions, discovered a passion for fishing. Robson Green credits fishing as being his “road to Damascus” and the key to helping him regain a sense of self and a healthier lifestyle. He now uses fishing as a form of therapy and encourages others who may be struggling with mental health issues to find a hobby or activity that they are passionate about.

Dangers of Excess Drinking and Drug Use

Robson Green’s story is a cautionary tale about the dangers of excess drinking and drug use. The NHS warns that consuming more than 14 units of alcohol per week can lead to a host of health issues, including cancer, stroke, heart disease, liver disease, brain damage, and damage to the nervous system. Additionally, there is a strong link between alcohol misuse and self-harming, including suicide.

Overcoming Struggles and Finding a Balance

Green was able to overcome his struggles and find a healthier balance in his life. However, he also speaks about the impact of his mother’s Alzheimer’s disease and how he now plays the role of caretaker for her. He shares how they spend time in the Northumbrian countryside, where she finds solace and joy in the sights and memories of her past.

Conclusion: The Reminder of Fame’s True Cost and the Importance of Mental and Physical Well-being

Overall, Robson Green’s story is a reminder that fame is not always what it seems and the importance of taking care of one’s mental and physical well-being. Green’s experience also highlights the importance of having a passion or hobby that can serve as a form of therapy and a way to reconnect with oneself. Additionally, it also sheds light on the importance of support systems, be it family or therapy, and the role they play in helping individuals overcome difficult situations.

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