Squamish Bear Attack:

The Bears involved in the Squamish attack will not be captured by conversation officers:

The conversation officers said that they will not capture the bears who attacked two people on the estuary trail yesterday.

He said that we want wildlife in wilderness areas, and that was also a defensive behavior from bears, it was a surprise attack according to him.

According to conversation officer Gravel, the Estuary Trail of Squamish will be closed until further notice.

According to him, the attacks were not giving evidence of food given by humans. The authorities didn’t find any evidence of the reason for the attack.

The woman who got attacked was not at fault because she didn’t have any food for the bear.

The two incidents happened on the same day, and also happened with 2 women in the time span of one hour, one was running while the other was just walking on that track. Both women will get fine according to the conversation officer.

The trail has been closed by authorities from the entering public.

The season of black bears is about to be over so they are frustrated and looking for the last meal of the season.

Until further notice, the trail has been closed.

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