#1 Universal Studios Frisco: A Thrilling kind of theme park experience coming to Texas

Universal Studios Frisco: Location and Development

Universal Studios Frisco, Texas is about to become a popular destination for families and fans of Universal Studios. The entertainment giant, NBCUniversal, has acquired a site on the Dallas North Tollway for a new, kids-focused theme park and hotel. The almost 100-acre planned entertainment hub will be located in the $10 billion Fields development.

After months of planning and negotiations, Frisco officials and executives with Universal announced the groundbreaking new development on Wednesday. The Orlando-based company acquired the land for the theme park in December using a shell company based in Delaware, according to county records.

Immersive Experiences: Universal Studios Frisco

The project will be designed to appeal to families, with immersive experiences making it a one- to two-day destination, said Mark Woodbury, chairman and CEO of Universal Parks and Resorts. The park will include four or five Universal-themed interactive experiences as well as a 300-room hotel.

“You have a fantastic town,” Woodbury said, describing Frisco. “It’s vibrant and full of energy and full of young families, which make it the perfect place for what we are doing.”

Attractions: Universal Studios Frisco

“We have a portfolio of terrific attractions that appeals to young families around the world,” he said. “We had an idea to bring all those together and create a destination that is specially designed to appeal to families with young children. It will be a rich, rich experience for families to enjoy together — to create memories that will last a lifetime.”

Woodbury also mentioned that the park attractions will be “built around a lush landscaped environment.”

Timeline and Project Details: Universal Studios Frisco

Universal executives did not provide a timetable for the project, but property sale records indicate that the company plans to open the park in the next four years. Mayor Jeff Cheney called it a “one-of-a-kind” project and said Universal considered sites around the globe.

“Families for generations to come will get to experience immersive environments with the stories they love,” he said. “They were looking not just anywhere in the country but someplace in the world to launch this.”

“They decided North Texas would be a good fit,” Cheney said. “All of you can see why they chose Frisco — Frisco is known for being family-friendly.”

Unlike Universal Studios’ sprawling parks in Orlando, Los Angeles, and abroad, the Frisco development will be a much smaller attraction.

“The park is roughly a quarter of size of our big parks in Orlando,” Universal Parks’ president of new ventures, Page Thompson, said. “It’s full of family-friendly attractions, interactive and playful shows.”

“You’ll have meet and greets with all of our beloved Universal characters.”

The project at the northeast corner of the tollway and Panther Creek Parkway will also include retail stores and restaurants, according to the agreement with Fields developers.

Economic Impact and Tourism: Universal Studios Frisco

Frisco officials teased the project on Tuesday as a “major economic and tourism development” when they sent out invitations to Wednesday’s press conference.

Plans for the Frisco Universal theme park come after decades of speculation that entertainment companies, including Disney, were scouting North Texas for a theme park.

The Frisco Universal park will join the PGA of America’s new golfing resort as major attractions in the Fields community, which has been in the works for four years.

The Frisco Fields development, which stretches between Preston Road and U.S. Highway 380, is planned to include as many as 14,000 homes and apartments plus commercial space. Developers Karahan Cos. and Hunt Realty are building the Fields community in partnership with investors Chief Partners and Crosstie Capital.

A part of the Comcast entertainment conglomerate, NBCUniversal is best known for its television programming and box office hit movies. The company’s theme park business generates billions of dollars a year in revenue from its signature properties in Florida, California, Asia, and Spain. The huge Universal Orlando Resort draws more than 10 million visitors a year. The Orlando park has more than five times the amount of attractions as the new Frisco park, but the smaller size will allow for a more intimate and focused experience for families with young children.

One of the major draws of the Frisco park will be the interactive experiences with beloved Universal characters. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet and greet with their favorite superheroes, television stars, and motion picture greats, making for a truly immersive experience. The lush landscaped environment will also add to the overall atmosphere of the park, providing a picturesque setting for visitors to enjoy.

The 300-room hotel, which will be included in the development, will provide visitors with the option to make a weekend or even longer trip out of their visit. This will also give families the opportunity to fully experience all that the park has to offer without feeling rushed.

The addition of retail stores and restaurants will also provide visitors with additional options for entertainment and dining. The development is expected to bring in a significant amount of economic and tourism growth to the area.

Conclusion: Universal Studios Frisco

In conclusion, the Frisco Universal theme park and hotel development is set to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for families with young children. With interactive experiences with beloved Universal characters, a lush landscaped environment, and a 300-room hotel, the park will be a destination that families can visit for a weekend or even longer. The development is expected to bring in a significant amount of economic and tourism growth to the area and is a welcome addition to the Fields community.

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