YouTube Premium Family Plan Price:

As prices of everything raised due to inflation around the globe, so the online digital video platform YouTube Premium raises its package prices around European and American countries.

The YouTube Premium plan contains background video playing, ad-free videos, and downloadable videos, also the premium family plan can be used by five-person by using five accounts.

The new prices will be imposed from 21 November, the previous price was 17.99 USD and the new price will be 22.99 USD.

Canadian YouTube Premium users got notified by receiving emails from YouTube, then US-based users got emails and UK-based users got the notification that the price in GBP will be from 17.99 GBP to 19.99 GBP.

Apple users are more at a disadvantage because the price for apple users in the app store will be 29.99USD/Month.

Google didn’t explain the reason behind the increase in price, since 2018 prices of YouTube Premium didn’t move, but more likely, the prices increased now due to the economic recession globally.

The new users will have to pay the new prices from now on, while the older users have time till 21 November.

Users can give feedback to YouTube to revise the prices, but it is most unlikely for YouTube to revise the prices.

Google Legacy users will also have to face the hike in prices from 14.99 USD to 22.99 USD, They have time till April 2023 to bear the new prices.

YouTube also made an experiment by making users watch the videos in 4k for free, but after 1 week they ended the experiment.

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